Domain names are sold “as is” (Domain name transfer only. No content, software, adsense or income generating accounts included). Once the domain name is successfully transferred to you, AlmightyDomains is released from any and all obligation and liability.

Offers and quotes:

Domain buyers are invited to make offers on any of our domain names. All reasonable offers will be considered. If your offer is accepted we will get back to you within (1) business day. We may also make a counter offer (counter offers made by AlmightyDomains are valid for 1 week).
Our online quotes are valid for one week from the time of the quote.

Domain Sales Guidelines:

By default all domain payments are done using either PayPal (Paypal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute) or (Escrow accepts payments by wire transfer or credit card). We also offer payment plans. Regarding payment plans: As soon as the first payment has been made the name servers of the domain will be changed to any name servers of your choice. This way you can start using the domain name immediately. As soon as all payments have been made the domain will be unlocked and transferred to your account.

Appraisal Services:

Domain buyers are invited to obtain independent appraisals of domains at the buyer’s own expense.

Domain Pushes and Transfers:

In most cases, domain pushes and transfers to your preferred Registrar can be initiated within one (1) business day of confirmed purchase.

Domain Refunds:

If for some reason we can’t transfer the domain to your account and payment has already occurred you will receive a full refund within one (1) business day.

Our domains are sold risk-free – if you’re not satisfied you can return your purchased domain within 14 days to get a full refund. No questions asked.

Domain leasing is the process of renting a domain at a recurrent monthly fee. As soon as the first lease payment has been made the name servers of the domain will be changed to any name servers of your choice. This way you can start using the domain name immediately.

With a lease you will get full and exclusive usage rights to the domain.

You will be able to end the lease contract at any given time. No refunds of already received payments will be made. No further payments will be required from that point on.

You will also be able to purchase the leased domain at any given time for the current sales price. We will however give a discount of 10% per leased domain year (for example if you leased for 3 years then a 30% discount will be given on the current sales price. Maximum discount = 50%).

Lease Pricing :

To get a lease quote on a domain of your choice please contact us at

Why Lease?

  • Low Price – Leasing provides an affordable way for you to use a premium domain, at a great monthly price. You can still buy the domain at any given time during or after the lease.
  • Temporary – Maybe you need a domain name for a short period of time in case of a special promotion or event. Lease the domain for the period of time that you actually need the domain.
  • Test-drive a Domain – With a lease you will obtain full usage rights for the domain so you can test and decide if it’s worth purchasing.

To start a lease on a domain or to ask a question on leasing please contact

Note: Spam, abusive or illegal content are not allowed on any of our leased domains and can be reason for immediate termination of the lease contract (in case of a small offence we will give you a warning first).

Last updated on the 28th of March, 2019.